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Teams Manager  

Control your M365 Group Creation

Control your M365 Group creation. Use predefined options for your endusers for creating Teams, etc.

Request & Approval Workflow

The automated approval workflow allows you to easily review and approve all requests for new Teams. 

Governance Policies

Create governance policies in Teams by combining your own personalized lifecycle settings and naming conventions.

Teams Templates & Provisioning

Create a variety of templates with just a few clicks and give your users the structure they need.

External User Manager

Guest Access Request & Approval Workflow

Keep control with the integrated Approval Workflow and let users create a guest access request in one simple process.

Access Review, Lifecycles & Reports

Configure an access review process. Keep the overview over your guest users with lifecycle management and reports.

Security & Compliance

With the onboarding process you can set binding guidelines and offer guest users the best start possible.

Guest Import

Include already existing guest users in the External User Manager management with the guest import feature.


AI Mindmapping

With the power of AI you can create mindmaps in Microsoft Teams effortlessly.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Enhance your productivity and work on mindmaps with your team in real-time. 

Tasks in Microsoft Planner

Create Tasks from MindMap directly in Microsoft Planner.

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